I legitimately need four more classes to finish my God damn AA. Four. My GPA plummeted due to failing TWO classes while I was moving down to Florida because I moved close to final time, and I just dind’t have the mental capacity to focus during that time. I literally only need four more classes and I’m done. Technically three if Miami Dade would fucking take my Speech credit that I already did, but you know what, I’ll take four.

Oh except for the fact that I can’t afford college because I can’t get a job in Miami Beach unless I speak mother fucking spanish; which I don’t.

Parents you say? Oh they paid for two of my summer classes, but there’s still four more after that.
Oh and my mom wants to claim me on her taxes to get the money back from paying for my college.
My mother, who CHOSE TO HAVE ME AND WHAT A CHILD COMES WITH wants 700 dollars back.
She has helped pay for my college twice in her life; twice. And if she claims me, I won’t get any aid because she makes too God damn much and so does my dad; so I’ll be fucked and in the same position all over again.

Her money is so much more important than her daughter getting an education.

Like are you fucking kidding me?

Last time I checked, helping your CHILD go through school was kind of a given when you give birth.

The best part? She pays for my sister’s late car payments while my sister spends her money on cruises and trips to Las Vegas.

Oh favoritism, you never cease to amaze me with how blatantly obvious you are.

I just fucking can’t with my mom anymore; If any of you meet me when I have a child, and I EVER act like my child’s education comes second to being paid back for what I (as a parent who is supposed to help their child succeed) spent on them, shoot me in the mother fucking face.

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Lea Michele on the set of her “On My Way” music video shoot (April 19, 2014)

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Dianna can’t help looking at Lea with pure adoration as she steps up to perform! Or like she is a piece of candy?! Or her school crush?! Or so fucking proud?!

Or you know, like she is IN LOVE with HER!!

Seriously if Dianna fangirls any harder over Lea performing, she would be club president of the Leanatics!

Ps. This was supposed to be part of my defying gravity analysis, but I just reached 100 followers and wanted to give you guys something good! Thank you for the support! Expect more hidden Achele in the near future! <3

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Pandora should have an ‘Avril Lavigne Early 2000’s’ Station and an ‘Avril Lavigne 2010’s station’. It would make my life so much eaiser.

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You miss me, kid?

Not really.

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my outsides look cool, my insides are blue ♪

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we miss you, babygirl.

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Rita Volk and Katie Stevens when the camera isn’t rolling.

Angry rant time, and whatever happens after this happens. If you are a fan of Faking It, I suggest you don’t read. And if you read it anyways despite my warning, then any hate I get just proves your stupidity. But this is legit pissing me the fuck off. Because what this is SCREAMING to me is MTV using the lesbian fandom’s desperate need for representation and making money off of it. I don’t believe for a second that MTV made this show with good intentions for the LGBT community. I whole-heartedly believe that they are using what they are seeing in other TV Shows (Using Glee as it is the only one I know with a huge lesbian/bisexual/ally fanbase). They are seeing young adults adore and love two female characters that have so much potential to make a wonderful plot and saying ‘Hey, look at that fanbase, we could easily make a show and gain that fanbase and make tons of money doing so!’

And these pictures? The specific pictures look so just staged to me. I could be wrong, as I don’t know any of these celebrity’s personally obviously, but the bottom left is almost identical to the Achele photo taken at the club (I sadly don’t have them saved on my laptop). 

The bottom right easily reminds me of the photo Achele took thanking the Faberrry fans for winning them that poll, and the top two just irk me even more. Because I am convinced that MTV is selling this and milking the LGBT communities desperation for representation and essentially telling these girls what to do/how to act and I don’t for a second feel that this show is at all going to be proper representation in the slightest.

Again, I could be wrong, however coming from a high school that shoved me into lockers, called me names, threatened my life among so many other things, I refuse to be okay with Faking It. Outright refuse. Because being a lesbian has NEVER been something that I’ve seen get girl’s popularity. It’s gotten their lives threatened, it’s gotten a girl beaten by her crush’s boyfriend, it’s gotten food thrown in my hair. So I am not okay with MTV trying to say “Hey, girl’s that are wanting to be popular, just become a lesbian, it’ll fix anything.”

Because no it fucking won’t! And to those that don’t think people are dumb enough to gather that from a simple MTV show? Look at the JB fans that shaved their heads over a RUMOR that Justin Bieber had gotten cancer. Or that cut themselves to get him to stop smoking weed. 

I have tried to ignore this fucking show, but I legitimately cannot pretend like it doesn’t piss me off seeing it everywhere and see people think it’s this great thing.

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Rachel auditions for a television pilot

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Please watch it.

So disgusting.

ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! Everyone should watch this.

wow this is so upsetting

paps are probably the worst kind of people tbh

They need to “get a real job” in the words of Kristen Stewart. She is an icon, but most importantly she’s a person, the same as you and me!

And people wonder why she isn’t always bubbly and happy. She’s had her damn life and all privacy taken away from her.

It doesn’t matter who you are you should never judge a person, but I love this video and seeing Kristen’s perspective. So true and touching

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I love this song so much, it’s just been such a great rock for me. It gives me strength, it gives me joy and I really hope that you guys love it. So this is “Cannonball” by me, Lea Michele. Hope you guys liked it, I love it so I hope you do too.

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